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From start to finish Volrath Hardwoods has your mulch needs covered.   Premium Natural Hardwood Mulch and Chocolate Mulch are available for pick-up, delivery or/and application.    Call Doug at 563-340-6130 or Travis at 563-340-3182 Today!

Making mulch at Volrath Hardwoods.

How much mulch do I need?

It can be tricky - trying to figure out "how much". We get many phone calls asking this very question.

Here are some quick "rule of thumb" Methods for mulch.  

  One cubic yard of mulch will cover a 324 sq ft area with 1" of mulch.

Here's how to calculate how much mulch you need:

  • Figure out the square footage of your bed (width x length for square or rectangular shapes)
  • Multiply your square footage by the depth desired (in inches)
  • Divide by 324. This will tell you how many cubic yards you will need.

Example calculation for a rectangular area 6' x 90' to be covered with 2" of mulch:

  1. 6' x 90' = 540 sq ft
  2. 540' x 2 = 1080 sq ft.
  3. 1080 ÷ 324 = 3-1/2 cubic yards

Mulch tips:

  • New planting beds require 3-4" of mulch to retard weeds and retain moisture.
  • It's a good idea to top dress existing beds with 1-2" of mulch in the spring.
  • You can protect perennials in the winter with 2" of mulch.